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At Beachfront Bellhop, we love meeting visitors from near and far and our locals hold a special place in our hearts! To show our locals just how much you all mean to us, we are now offering The Local Package, just for Volusia County residents. The Local allows you to book your chosen package for a second day at 50% off!

To book The Local Package, just place your booking request for any Beachfront Package and send us a note letting us know you'd like to upgrade it to The Local. After confirming your residency with Photo ID, your invoice will reflect a second day at 50% off. Your second day may be utilized, subject to availability, within 6 months of booking! To reserve your second day, just let us know at booking that you are using your Local Package. We will confirm the details and get you booked!

We are so looking forward to sharing the beaches with you all - contact us any time with questions or to get your beach day booked!

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